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Oregon millennials embrace “Growlers”

The (relatively) tiny Oregon wine industry continues to lead the pack in innovation and marketing and is projected to enjoy double digit growth in the coming year. Citing increased consumption by newly-legal-to-drink Millenials, Oregon wineries find cost-effective ways to deliver wine to the masses in 64-oz reusable jugs called growlers. In an interview with Steve Thomson, executive vice president of King Estate Winery states “Wine on tap is a really, […]

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Kegs & By-The-Glass – Two Hot Trends

Two articles circulated on wine industry news outlets today touted two continuing hot trends: The growing use of kegs by wineries to support and expand on-premise business; By-the-glass sales are booming due to Millennials’ joy of exploration of new wines and flavors. Excerpts from the news releases today highlight the convergence of the two trends: “According to Food & Wine magazine, ‘By-the-glass orders account for as much as 80 percent […]

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Compliance Applies to Alternative Wine Packaging

As a firm that has worked with various packaging form factors one criteria remains constant for all them: labeling compliance with the Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). For traditional glass bottle packaging, it’s pretty straightforward with both the requirements necessary on wine labels, as well as the process for submitting for a Certificate of Label Approval (COLA). For alternative wine packaging, it really isn’t that […]

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