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New Form Factor Provides Familiarity

An article on The Drinks Report website debuted another new form factor to an “old” alternative wine packaging format, the bag-in-box. The article announced the launch in the U.K. of a wine by Kingsland Wines of the Thirsty Earth brand in a “paper wine bottle” that essentially was a bag inside a cardboard package shaped like the traditional glass wine bottle. The article noted: “The GreenBottle for wine consists of […]

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New “Bag-in-Keg” Packaging Highlights Eco-Friendliness

Over the last couple of years we have swung by Tim Orr’s booth at the annual Unified Wine & Grape Symposium to check out his progress in developing and promoting the wine TORR Keg. The TORR Keg is a unique and ingenious system utilizing disposable/recyclable 9-L plastic bags in a special keg that uses air to squeeze the wine in the bag, compressing the bag from the outside, through the […]

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