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Genius or folly? Kuvee’s $199 metal canister with Wi-Fi seeks to end the “ritual of the cork.”

It is only a matter of time before tech invades packaging, changing the nature entirely. As to the future the Kuvée points to, tech in packaging will ensure the freshness of the contents, provide important information (like nutritional data), and be interactive. With the cost of computing being pushed down with the likes of the Raspberry Pi the future of packaging tech is almost upon us. A $199 metal canister with […]

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Single-Serves Promotes Convenience and Moderation


One of the biggest challenges of traditional glass bottle and cork stopper packaging is its inconvenience; it requires a tool to open a cork-closed bottle, glass is heavy to haul around to a beach, picnic, or on a hike, and typically there are four to six glass servings, depending on the amount poured. When it is just you, or the two of you, that means left-over wine typically, especially if […]

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