An Inception of Acceptance for Alternative Wine Packaging?

Wine competitions can be bellwethers of societal acceptance in wine trends … usually once a trend has gotten a solid foothold in some sector of the market. So while this isn’t necessarily in the same league as the Decanter World Wine Awards or the San Francisco International Wine Competition this is a heartening development for the public awareness of wine in aluminum cans, the International Canned Wine Competition.

How Does Your Wine-in-a-Can Stand Up Versus Your Competitors?

International Canned Wine CompetitionJoin participants from 7 countries and 8 states this July 24th, in the International Canned Wine Competition. Details are at

Categories include:White, Red, Rosé, Sparkling Wines (non-carbonated), Carbonated Wines, and Wine Coolers/Spritzers.

Read the press release here.

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