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Single-Serves Promotes Convenience and Moderation


One of the biggest challenges of traditional glass bottle and cork stopper packaging is its inconvenience; it requires a tool to open a cork-closed bottle, glass is heavy to haul around to a beach, picnic, or on a hike, and typically there are four to six glass servings, depending on the amount poured. When it is just you, or the two of you, that means left-over wine typically, especially if […]

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Convenience Comes In A Can

There are two industries that thrive only when they can realize cost savings by providing more convenience to customers: the airline and cruise line industries. Reducing weight, maximizing storage, and providing luxury amenities all benefit their bottom lines. Which makes it a mystery all the more that the air and cruise line industries don’t demand high quality wines in alternative packaging. Hopefully, with growing awareness by both industry buyers and […]

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Single-serves Promote Convenience

Two new single-serve alternative packages for wine are making the news, an elegant, single-serve, 187-ml plastic glass by Zipz, and a single-serve, 187-ml, glass vials (or test tubes) by The Vini. Both made The New York Times online: Single-Serving Wine for Sipping Small By FLORENCE FABRICANT Photo by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times “Buy me some pinot and Cracker Jack! Pinot grigio, California merlot, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay are now […]

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