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Single-Serves Promotes Convenience and Moderation


One of the biggest challenges of traditional glass bottle and cork stopper packaging is its inconvenience; it requires a tool to open a cork-closed bottle, glass is heavy to haul around to a beach, picnic, or on a hike, and typically there are four to six glass servings, depending on the amount poured. When it is just you, or the two of you, that means left-over wine typically, especially if […]

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The Growing Acceptance by the Industry Establishment

There is no denying that Jancis Robinson is one of the most established and respected names in the wine industry. So it is even more important to take note when such a prominent figure of the wine industry establishment acknowledges and comments on the growing use of alternative wine packaging, much less endorses the benefits of such. Recently on her website she poses the question, “Why does wine have to […]

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New “Bag-in-Keg” Packaging Highlights Eco-Friendliness

Over the last couple of years we have swung by Tim Orr’s booth at the annual Unified Wine & Grape Symposium to check out his progress in developing and promoting the wine TORR Keg. The TORR Keg is a unique and ingenious system utilizing disposable/recyclable 9-L plastic bags in a special keg that uses air to squeeze the wine in the bag, compressing the bag from the outside, through the […]

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