Boxed Wines Surge in Sales in 2018

Their growth has been both remarkable and steady since the first fine boxed wine, Black Box, was launched in 2002. I believe there is plenty more room for sales growth for boxed wines, along with smaller containers such as cans and aluminum bottles. From Shanken News Daily Thursday, March 28, 2019 Premium Boxed Wines Surge, … [Read more…]

Convenience Comes In A Can

There are two industries that thrive only when they can realize cost savings by providing more convenience to customers: the airline and cruise line industries. Reducing weight, maximizing storage, and providing luxury amenities all benefit their bottom lines. Which makes it a mystery all the more that the air and cruise line industries don’t demand … [Read more…]

Kegs & By-The-Glass – Two Hot Trends

Two articles circulated on wine industry news outlets today touted two continuing hot trends: The growing use of kegs by wineries to support and expand on-premise business; By-the-glass sales are booming due to Millennials’ joy of exploration of new wines and flavors. Excerpts from the news releases today highlight the convergence of the two trends: … [Read more…]