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An unabashed love letter to boxed wines highlights all of its benefits.

The benefits of boxed wine are old news to those of us in the wine business, but there’s still a huge group of wine lovers that think you have to buy wine in a 750 ml bottle to get a respectable glass of wine. We loved this post by Megan Willet that refutes this citing boxed wines many benefits:

First of all, it stores better — and longer — than regular opened wine. After pouring your first glass, boxed wine will stay fresh between six and eight weeks while your average bottle of red or white wine lasts less than a week once it’s been opened. The plastic bag keeps the air out and prevents oxidation until the wine has been dispensed into your glass, unlike a bottle which lets air in immediately after uncorking.

Boxed wine also generates less waste. You don’t have to toss out wine that has gone bad, plus there’s less packaging since four bottles-worth of wine can fit inside one box.

The packaging is also more durable than a bottle. Glass is heavy and can easily break, but food-grade plastic and cardboard transport safely and don’t take up much space. Because the packaging is lighter-weight than glass bottles, when the wine travels across the country there’s less of a carbon footprint, too.

And because it can’t break as easily, is more light-weight, and is easy to transport, it’s better for on-the-go social settings. “It’s really convenient to carry. There’s a lot of places where they don’t allow you to have glass on rooftops, grassy areas, on the beach, and so on,” Jordan Gutman, co-founder and President of Public House, said. “Boxed wine naturally allows for that.”

All of this means that boxed wine ends up being cheaper. Prices typically range from $13 (Trader Joe’s) to $40 after tax for three liter boxed wines, and that’s not even including Tetra Pak options which are essentially adult juice boxes with a bottle and a half of wine inside (Bandit and French Rabbit are popular brands for those interested).

Megan Willett/Business Insider enjoys a glass of boxed wine.

Megan Willett/Business Insider enjoys a glass of boxed wine.

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