About Alternative Wine Packaging

Welcome to Alternative Wine Packaging, a resource of information and links to more about the exploding innovation and creativity in wine packaging beyond the traditional glass bottle with a natural cork stopper. Benefits are:

  • Convenience: alternative wine packaging makes enjoying wine convenient for all occasions and situations, such as when you want just a single glass, or wine at the beach or backpacking in the mountains.
  • Environmental: traditional glass bottles with natural cork stoppers have withstood the test of time. But for most wine endurance is not necessary, immediate enjoyment is, and glass is heavy while cork difficult to recycle. Alternative wine packaging is often lighter, just as recyclable, and creates ecological savings in its production and packaging.
  • Appropriate: glass is strong, but it does break, and with sharp consequences. Alternative wine packaging eliminates the hazards of glass where it isn’t appropriate, such as around pools, sand, and excited crowds.

The goal one day is to eliminate the adjective “alternative” from being necessary to describe innovative wine packaging, and just enjoy wine!


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