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Two new single-serve alternative packages for wine are making the news, an elegant, single-serve, 187-ml plastic glass by Zipz, and a single-serve, 187-ml, glass vials (or test tubes) by The Vini. Both made The New York Times online:

Single-Serving Wine for Sipping Small


Photo by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Buy me some pinot and Cracker Jack! Pinot grigio, California merlot, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay are now sold in sealed single-serve plastic goblets.Read more

The single-serve plastic glass (or goblet) form factor especially promotes the best of alternative wine packaging, with its convenience, appropriateness for new locations (NYT notes that they will be sold in baseball stadiums including Citi Field), ecological savings via weight, and recyclability. Copa di Vino pioneered this form factor in the U.S., and their sales growth testifies to the viability of the concept.

The glass vial replaces the traditional bottle shape of the typical 187-ml for more convenient and elegant retail packaging, especially with the retail cartons for shelf display.

Edit 2013-03-27: Wine Business has the official press release on the partnership between Fetzer Winery, Zipz, and Centerplate, a hospitality services company providing venue and event catering. Read the press release here:

Fetzer and Zipz Launch Unique Single-Serve Premium Wine Product in Select Major League Baseball Stadiums

Edit 2013-04-16: Wines & Vines has a very good article on The Vini, and how the company is not positioning it as a RTD, but an alternative to the 187-ml bottle (glass and plastic), hoping that the form factor will be more convenient for on-premise and other on-site consumption channels to store and serve. Read the article here:

Single-Serve Format for Fine Wines


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