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New Form Factor Provides Familiarity

An article on The Drinks Report website debuted another new form factor to an “old” alternative wine packaging format, the bag-in-box. The article announced the launch in the U.K. of a wine by Kingsland Wines of the Thirsty Earth brand in a “paper wine bottle” that essentially was a bag inside a cardboard package shaped like the traditional glass wine bottle. The article noted: “The GreenBottle for wine consists of […]

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Convenience Comes In A Can

There are two industries that thrive only when they can realize cost savings by providing more convenience to customers: the airline and cruise line industries. Reducing weight, maximizing storage, and providing luxury amenities all benefit their bottom lines. Which makes it a mystery all the more that the air and cruise line industries don’t demand high quality wines in alternative packaging. Hopefully, with growing awareness by both industry buyers and […]

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The Growing Acceptance by the Industry Establishment

There is no denying that Jancis Robinson is one of the most established and respected names in the wine industry. So it is even more important to take note when such a prominent figure of the wine industry establishment acknowledges and comments on the growing use of alternative wine packaging, much less endorses the benefits of such. Recently on her website she poses the question, “Why does wine have to […]

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